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  • Up to 15.000 emails
  • Basic Support
  • Full Access
  • Without ePigeon logo


  • Up to 400.000 emails
  • First 15.000 emails are free
  • Basic Support
  • Full Access


  • Up to 1M emails
  • First 15.000 emails are free
  • Advanced Support
  • Full Access


  • More than 1M emails
  • Personalised offer
  • Advanced Support
  • Full Access

Support (per list)

If you want to upgrade the Support Tier included with your plan, choose between our options listed below:

  Basic Advanced Total
Price Free 25 € / list 150 € / list
Communication Tickets Tickets + Chat Tickets + Chat
SLA 72H 24H 24H
Service Platform usability support Deliverability and platform usage support Proactive help with your deliverability.
Strategic analysis to improve your results.
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