Subscriber List

Contact List

Check the current status of your subscriber in one click. Manage your subscriber's lists in a simple way with our multiple features!

Subscribers unlimited

Add as many subscribers as you want to your lists, without restrictions.

Custom fields

Create as many custom fields as you like, you'll be able to use them to segment or customize your campaigns.

Import / Export

Import your subscriber lists either with a file or through API. You'll be able to export them as well; completely or partially, even codified in MD5 or sha256.

Advanced segmentation

Be able to segment your lists in a fast and easy way. By interests, activity, personalised fields... and much more. Use them and improve the engagement!

Match lists

With our unique tool, you'll be able to include/exclude matching lists in your sendings, even if they're encrypted in MD5 or SHA256. Managing your deduplication or suppression lists over all your lists has never been easier.


Set up automated emails to send campaigns to your subscribers when an event happens, such as opening or clicking on a message, among others!


Exclude addresses from your lists by adding them manually to your blacklist or importing a file. If you have more than one list, you can choose if you want to exclude the addresses on every list or not!

Automatic complaints

The complaints we receive through the FeedBackLoop systems will be removed automatically from your sendings, and will be shown in your statistics to allow you analyse better your sendings.

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