Anti-spam policy

4Mindable Factory S.L., as the Company Owner of ePigeon, demand their clients to accept and guarantee they will only import subscribers in our system that have directly consented to receive email communications. We thereby forbid unsolicited bulk emails, as well as misleading subject lines or the usage of false brands.

Violation of these rules may cause an account suspension.

Client's agreement

Our client's agreement specify to not send unsolicited bulk emails through our system. We ask our clients to provide the source of their addresses, as well as the method they used to collect it, date, and IP address.

They agree to guarantee they won't use any email address that has not been collected through, at least, an opt-in process.

Content Policy

We don't allow sending the following content through ePigeon:

  • Content with domains listed in Spamhaus DBL.
  • Abusive financial products.
  • Work from home opportunities.
  • Pharmaceuticals.

We also prohibit the following contents, unless they were explicity specified in the opt-in process:

  • Dating
  • Clairvoyance

Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE)

We are completely committed to solve any received complaint. If you have received a message from the ePigeon system and you think you shouldn't have, please don't hesitate to forward the message to, and we will clarify the situation as soon as possible.

Unsubscribe Policy

All the emails sent through the ePigeon system contain a link to unsubscribe, even if our clients have forgotten to add it. Your subscription details can be managed using the link at the bottom of the email.

Notification on changes:

4Mindable Factory S.L. will notify their users of any modification made to this anti-spam policy, via email and/or an alert on the platform.

4Mindable Factory S.L. reserves the right to modify this Anti-Spam Policy at any time. We recommend to review this information periodically.

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