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Team Accounts

In accordance with our commitment to the GDPR, you'll have full control over the accesses of your team to the different parts of the platform. Create new accounts, assign them different roles and manage their access permissions to pages or sections.


Do you have your own CRM and want to have all your sendouts and statistics there?
With our REST API you won't have any trouble. Jump to our detailed documentation, you will find it very easy to use.

Use your own domain

Improve the visibility of your brand using your own domain for free. Customize your sender and your links without losing any functionality. Don't use predefined domains anymore!


Choose the amount of emails you want to send and if you don't reach the total amount we will add the rest to your next month's! And if you make it short, don't worry, you will be able to increase your cap!
Enjoy all the features of our platform no matter the plan you choose. We won't surprise you with extra fees.
Check the status of your payments and bills from the platform.

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